Monday, June 30, 2014


I named this piece "Unravel" because of the loose strips of muslin arranged to appear random and loose, as though they had once been used to bind something, and over time the binding has come undone and is just hanging limply, not accomplishing it's purpose.  The gears add to the idea of passing time and movement, and the feeling of neglect.   The whole piece gives the impression of being untouched for a long time.  
Once I finished this piece, I was surprised to realize I hadn't used any paint.  Walnut ink is what makes up the brown background.  I used strips of unbleached muslin dipped in wax to create the 3D wave-like effect, and used an oil pastel stick to add a little texture to the fabric.  The gears and compass were the last addition. 

 I'm finding the possibilities of encaustic art even more limitless than I imagined.  


  1. This piece is really cool, Anjuli. It makes me think...a lot. :-) My writer brain is saying, “What happened? Who or what was wrapped up? Why did it come undone? Where are they/ is it now? How much time has passed? Why would I be finding this? Where am I when I find it? Was this on purpose or was there a struggle?”

    I think that if I have a case of writer’s block in the future I’m just going to visit an art gallery or museum. Clearly good artwork awakens my creative juices. :-)

    Oh, and it’s also just really, really cool to look at. So much texture and movement.

  2. :) I love reading your comments Kasey. Thanks!

  3. Anjuli, Such a beautiful canvas! Kasey stirred questions in my mind now too- who was it that was traveling- a time traveler?
    Love how you dipped the muslin for more texture and wave like- fab! ")