Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Collage Magic

Usually when I work on a collage, I spend most of my time agonizing over the elements I need- would this paper work?  How big should it be?  Does this cover too much?  Do I want to leave some negative space?  Should I add any embellishments?  And the list of questions goes on.... sometimes it takes me days to complete a small collage because I'll feel stuck and have to let it sit for awhile so I can come back to it fresh.  

With this collage, I promised myself I was going to work with whatever I grabbed first, no matter what.  Because of that, I finished this collage pretty fast- the only waiting I did was for the gel medium I used to adhere everything to dry.  

I have to say, I'm going to have to try this approach more often with my collages- forcing myself to not over think things seems to have paid off.  :)

Oh, and don't you just love what google did to this photo of mine?  Their Auto Awesome photos that are made automatically can be a little annoying and weird at times, but I absolutely fell in love with this one.  


  1. LOVE it. I think collage is so fun to do, because it’s like a make-your-own puzzle. This one is completely awesome. Well done!!

  2. Great collage Anjuli! I love that you just went with it- stunning results!! For your framing, is the collage on top of the matte or under it- it is kind of an illusion depending how I look at it (or I'm just old and my eyes are tired!heehee)

    1. You're right, Jackie- I mounted it on the matting and left out the glass. I didn't want to hide the edges. :)